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How to Write a Research Paper on Abortion

How to Write a Research Paper on Abortion Research Paper on Abortion How to start a research paper Tips on how to start Example of an outline Example of a thesis statement for an abortion research paper Example of introduction to abortion research paper How to write body paragraphs of a research paper on abortion Tips on body writing Example of the 1st body paragraph Example of the 2nd body paragraph Example of the 3rd body paragraph How to finish a research paper on abortion Tips on conclusion writing Example of a conclusion Tips on research paper revision How to start a research paper on abortion Abortion is one ethical issue that falls under the category of ethical issues that are very much problematic to resolve because it coincides with different cultural and religious implications. The discourse on abortion reaches many levels and branches and it is broad in nature. Writing a research paper on abortion requires a recognition of different perspectives in order to build a multifaceted discourse that would be well understood by different kinds of readers. Tips on how to start In starting a research paper on abortion, first, determine on what specific topic about abortion you would want to research on. This may be based on your interest or from reading various literature on abortion. What of these information that you know and you have read about sparks your interest? Interest is however not enough. A topic needs to be researchable. One cannot actually choose any topic on abortion without examining if it is a good one to research on. When we say a researchable topic, this means that your research questions may be answered by your research. Or that it should be able to be answered within the timeframe of your research. After you have chosen a topic, you may start coming up with an outline of your research. Example of an outline An example outline for your research paper may be the following: Introduction A. Subject matter B. Statement of the problem C. History of the problem Body Section 1 A. Extent of the problem B. Related literature (Examples, stories, facts) Section 2 A. Cause and Effect B. Repercussions in contemporary times Section 3 A. Possible solutions Conclusion A. Relate back to intro B. Restate thesis Example of a good thesis statement for abortion research paper A thesis or hypothesis is the researcher’s perception on the result of the study. This is based on the knowledge, observations or other study results. Examples may be: The reason why women resort to abortion is mostly because they are not prepared for the pregnancy. Most of the people resorting to abortion are teenagers. Most women who go on abortion do the act by themselves. The most common method used by women in abortion is by taking abortifacients. Example of an introduction to an abortion research paper Abortion is the termination of pregnancy before it is viable, usually before the pregnancy is before its 25th week. There are two types of abortion, spontaneous and induced. Spontaneous abortion is one which occurs naturally due to some complications during pregnancy or due to trauma occurring to the mother or the fetus. An induced abortion is one which was done intentionally. More and more teenagers opt to undergo induced abortion in the US. Trends in the number of abortions by females aged 13 to 18 show a significant increase from 2015 to 2016 ( this should be supported by statistical data from reliable source/s). To be able to know why teenagers resort to this practice, the study has the following specific questions: Determine the circumstances that lead to the pregnancy. Determine the reasons why the respondents opted to terminate their pregnancy. Identify the methodology they used to terminate their pregnancy. How to write body paragraphs for a research paper on abortion The body of the paper covers the methodology and the results from the data gathering. Paragraphs on the methodology part may be subdivided into: methodology to be used; how to do data gathering using the methodology; the number of respondents needed in the study and a description of the respondents; and how long the data gathering will be done. For the results and discussion, the paragraphs may contain a little introduction on the general findings and then each paragraph will contain the answer to each question asked in the interview or survey and the results of the survey or interview. This is followed by an interpretation of the data gathered. Tips on body writing Determine the number of respondents that you need. Take only a few sample from the total number of possible respondents. A good number will help you get a good data and also save you time. Research on good methodologies to be used that matches the type of research you are using. Some questions are answered by surveys, some by interviews and some by observations. Provide statistical data as well as observations on your presentation of data. If some of the respondents have stated something you know is good to include on the paper, then include it on the paper. Be truthful with what you will write on the results even if it is different from what you have expected. You shouldn’t also plagiarize and provide proper citations if you need to support your findings with other researches from other authors. This is one of the ethics of research writing. If you used many different methods and you have a lot of data, divide these per theme and then present it per theme to make your data presentation organized. Example of the 1st body paragraph For the first body paragraph on the presentation of data one may write the following: There are various circumstances that lead to the pregnancy of the respondents, most answers were because of curiosity. However, some of the respondents got pregnant because of rape. In a nutshell, there is a number of other reasons among the most widespread. Example of the 2nd body paragraph There are various reasons that made the respondents opt to have their pregnancy terminated. Most of the answers are due to reasons that they are not yet ready for the pregnancy. Based on national statistics from a research done by (mention author and year), most females aged 13-17 terminate their pregnancy also due to the same reason. †¨ Example of the 3rd body paragraph The methodologies used by the respondents to terminate their pregnancy were the use of abortifacients by their own, going to a licensed medical practitioner, going to an unlicensed abortionist and doing it on their own by the help of a friend or partner. Most of them opted for the use of abortifacients. Most of them said that it is easy to buy such medicine online. Some respondents also sought medical help and a few respondents did the termination by themselves. How to finish a research paper on abortion To finish a research paper, write a concluding paragraph. This summarizes the findings, also still answering the research questions. Tips on conclusion writing In writing a conclusion, a writer may write one paragraph that summarizes all the findings. Make sure that the main answer to each research question should be stated in the conclusion. A student may write one or two sentence/s to provide an answer to each of the research question. Example of a conclusion From data gathered on the research paper, the main reason that leads to the pregnancy among teenage females in the US is because of curiosity. The main reason, on the other hand of terminating the pregnancy, is because they are not yet ready to face parental responsibilities. Thus, there should be a huge work done to inform teenage females about all negative impacts of interrupting pregnancy so to ensure that abortion was a well-thought-out decision. Tips on research paper revision Revising a research paper will be less taxing than starting one. The following should be taken note of. Take note on the revisions suggested by the editor or adviser and do those revisions first. Do revisions per section or per chapter so it will be easier. Read more on additional sources that might be helpful for revisions. Check your grammar as well when doing the revisions. Read the write-up thoroughly after the revision to check if the flow is still well even after adding up more information. It is also helpful to ask somebody to read your paper to check if it is understood by the reader and also to help proofread the paper.

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Land Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Land Law - Essay Example This paper will analyze a case scenario which involves situations of easement rights, mortgage laws, and restrictive easements. Easement rights In English law, easement is an individual’s right over another’s land. In other words, â€Å"an easement is a right over one piece of land existing for the benefit of another piece of land† (plainlaw solicitors). The common easement rights recognised include the right to use way/driveway or light, the right to park a car on neighbour’s land, or even to use a neighbour’s lavatory. Some recent findings of the Law Commission indicate that at least 65% of registered freehold titles are subjected to easement rights (Law Commission & Ministry of Justice 2011). Although people have extensive easement rights under English law, land owners are not allowed to access a public highway without an easement right under certain circumstances. In order to claim an easement right successfully, the claim must meet the requirem ents of the common law definition. Danckwerts J in Re Ellenborough Park (1956) set forth four essential characteristics of an easement. The first essential feature of an easement is that ‘there must be a dominant and a servient tenement’ (Bailey 2012, pp. 205-207). ... It is particularly important to note that a claim of easement cannot be justified if the dominant and servient tenement come under a common ownership. Fourth, ‘the right claimed must be capable of forming the subject-matter of a grant’. It is the most complex characteristic of an easement and it must be definite and certain in its purpose (Ibid, pp. 205-207). Generally an easement is created in four different ways such as express grant or reservation, implied grant or reservation, prescription, and statute (NPC, n.d.). In most cases, easement rights are expressively created in a transfer document, and it is called easement creation by express grant or reservation. In case of creation of easements by implied grant or reservation, the right may be implied. The right to use way across the surrounding neighbour’s land to the public highway is an example of easement creation by implied grant/reservation. Sometimes an easement right will be created or granted following an open and unchallenged exercise for a long time. To illustrate, the right to use a way will be granted if the way has been uninterruptedly used for a long time (a minimum of 20 years). Finally, an easement right may be created by statute also. From the case scenario, it is clear that Anne sold a part of her land to Mike and Zara, who subsequently gained planning permission to convert an existing stable on the land. Here, it seems that Anne cannot prevent Mike and Zara from using the driveway that crosses her land because it is the only practical way to access the stable. The case context clearly says that the badly maintained country road is not a possible option for Mike and Zara. While analyzing the case, it is obvious that Mike and Zara

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Reading response Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 26

Reading response - Essay Example The meaning, that is used by Shames regarding the American culture, is that having more is and has been an essential idea of the country. From my reading of â€Å"The More Factor†, Shame has the opinion that it is already part of the culture of Americans to desire for more, however, I should say that most people desire for more in their lives and not only Americans. This is true because even me I desired and still desire for more in my life. Most of all, I felt greatly surprised by what Shames described as like Americans have lost focus in what is very important as he says â€Å"Americans have been somewhat backward in adopting values, hopes, ambitions that have to do with things other than moreâ€Å". It surprised me because all, what Americans have done, is to find ways to grow and expand. Shames puts it out clearly that lost focus because they became selfish and greedy since they only bothered to help themselves and not others. In any event in 1800,s the speculators built towns and would pay individuals to move into their town and provide for them a home to live in. The fact of the matter was to build the railroad for a real town to develop. I feel that the idea of "more" is not such a terrible thing. I mean it is useful for individuals to need to have a better life and succeed, to goals and aspirations. However, it is my opinion that everything ought to have a limit, or in any event, we ought to know when to stop and enjoy life. I believe that everybody needs to live a life that is full of commodities. I do so as well. I need to go to visit new places around the globe, have things I didnt have and provided my family a home, as well as a better life. Shames’s idea of the concept of more reminds me of my childhood friend. We used to share a lot, do almost all things together; however, the guy did not accept defeat. He was ever competing and always liked to be in the front line in everything. I used to pity him because no

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Capital Budget Essay Example for Free

Capital Budget Essay Looking at River County plan for several capital acquisitions for the coming year which include the purchase of two new garbage trucks at $150,000 each, one new bulldozer at $240,000, three new riding lawn mowers at $16,000 each, and construction of an activity center in the part for $650,000. The expected lifetime of the various capital items is 10 years for the garbage trucks, 8 years for the bulldozer, 5 years for the lawn mowers, and 40 years for the activity center. Due to the current credit rating of River County, River County was approved for a 6% interest rate on all vehicles and lawn mowers, and a 3% interest on the activity center. The total cost to finance both garbage trucks for one year is $20,380.19 and the total cost is $203,801.90 for 10 years. The yearly cost to finance the bulldozer is $38,648.63 and the total cost is $309,189.04 for 8 years. The total cost of financing all three lawn mowers for a year is $11,395.03 and the total cost for 5 years is $56,975.15. The yearly cost to finance the activity center is $28,120.55 and the total cost is $1,124,822.22 for 40 years. The total cost for the capital budget from year 1 to year 5 will be $126,664.95. The total budget cost from year 6 to year 8 will $115,269.92 and from year 9 to 10 $76,621.29. From year 10 unto year 40, the budget would be $28,120.55 for the activity center. However, River County would pay off the lawn movers in 5 years, bulldozer in 8 years, and garbage trucks in 10 years the issue of depreciation stills needs to be addressed. The current value of the equipment would need to be appraised to determine if it is still operational according to River County standards, or do the equipment need to be replaced. If River County decides to replace the equipment then the revenue from the savage would be used to re-invest in to new equipment and the capital budget would be updated. With the current River County budget the tax revenues received from the county would be more than sufficient, but if there is a budget short fall, River County could issue 5 year municipal bonds to cover the cost. Reference: Finkler, S.A. (2010). Financial management for public, health, and not-for-profit organizations (3rd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall Martinson, O. B. (2002). A look at cost accounting in the service industry and the federal government.The Journal of Government Financial Management, 51(1), 18-25. Retrieved from Rodriguez, J. F. (1994). Sound principles: New adaptations. The Government Accountants Journal, 43(3),35. Retrieved from

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Are We in a Post-Modern Age? Essay -- Post-Modernity

This paper answers the question: Are We in a Post-Modern Age? Post-Modernism can be described as a particular style of thought. It is a concept that correlates the emergence of new features and types of social life and economic order in a culture; often called modernization, post-industrial, consumer, media, or multinational capitalistic societies. In Modernity, we have the sense or idea that the present is discontinuous with the past, that through a process of social, technological, and cultural change (either through improvement, that is, progress, or through decline) life in the present is fundamentally different from life in the past. This sense or idea as a world view contrasts with what is commonly known as Tradition, which is simply the sense that the present is continuous with the past, that the present in some way repeats the forms, behavior, and events of the past. I would propose that traditional ways of life have been replaced with uncontrollable change and unmanageable alternatives, but that these changes and alternatives eventually create something that may result in the society that traditionalists actually seek after; the balance between Nature and Technology. Modernity itself is merely the sense that the present is a transitional point, not focused on a clear goal in the future but simply changing through forces outside our control. I will first describe how "Modernity" came about, and then to indicate some of the features for which "Post-Modernity" is meant to be a reaction, response or addition to modernization. Beginnings of Modernity: First, I aim to give a broad historical picture against which we may understand the rise of Modernity as an idea related to science and society or as a framework for a view of rationality. We know that we experience change as either progress or transition, that is, we view our historical situation and our lives presently as deriving meaning and value in some unrealized future. The shift from Renaissance humanism to Modern rationalism can be understood in terms of four shifts: (1) from an oral culture in which the theory and practice of rhetoric played a central role to a written culture in which formal logic played a central role in establishing the credentials of an argument; (2) from a practical concern - with understanding and acting on particular cases to a more th... ...spicious of the belief in shared speech, shared values, and shared perceptions that some would like to believe form our culture but which in fact may be no more than empty, if necessary, fictions. I believe we should be committed to salvaging what we can of the ideals of Enlightenment and Modernity. We need to stay open to all valid claims of reasoning, knowledge, spirit, tradition, and humanity; for we are not, and cannot be, all knowing in this life. To be focused so completely upon Post-Modernism or Modernity, suggests that we can somehow define a group, any group, in the sense of its cultural essence; which is not in truth completely possible or even wise. Are we in a Post-Modern Age? I would say yes as a defined theory or word, but in the reality of man and life, the answer is No. Man is continually changing and adapting and for ever continuing to progress in spirit, technology, and social/cultural adaptation. Whatever age we are presently in, we are modern compared to the one before, each age lives its own Modernity; each era obligated to find its own balance between Nature and Technology, Tradition and Progress; a continuous cycle until the end of man.

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Persuasive Student Parking

Dear Principal, I am writing to let you know that I am completely happy with the recent policy of numbered parking spaces. Parking at school is much more convenient now, and knowing the school has more information about parking lot activity is great. I am also very pleased that I have no longer been tardy or searched for an open space. It truly has been better with this rule in effect. First of all, the school should have knowledge about what is happening in the parking lot. Knowing where each student's designated parking spots are prevents vandalism. It also prevents the students from skipping class because the faculty can check if your car is in the designated parking space. In the same way it is nice for the staff to know where each student car is, it is just as great for me to know exactly where im going. I no longer have to drive in circles around the lot, searching for an open space. Stepping into the crisp, bitter cold in the morning is bad enough, staying in it even longer than necessary is just plain awful. Which bring me to my last point. I have not been tardy since the new parking rules. The traffic has been cut down tremendously, allowing me to get to my parking space very quickly. I no longer feel rushed or overwhelmed that i will be late, and that is a great way to start the day. As a result of reading the previous information, i urge you to please keep this rule enforced. I think the benefits you and the staff have recieved from knowing where each students car is just as great as the students starting off the morning going directly to their spot and getting to class on time! Thank you for your time and attention

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Literary Analysis of The Rape of the Lock Essays

Author and his times: Alexander Pope was born in London in 1688. Because he was a Roman Catholic living in a predominately Protestant society, he was largely excluded from the university system and therefore was self-taught, for the most part. At the age of twelve, he contracted tuberculosis, a disease that left him stunted and misshapen. Consequently, he suffered a great deal of emotional trauma and social anxiety. His only tool for interaction was his incredible wit and talent for writing. He soon formed a number of lifelong friendships in Londons prestigious literary circles, and found his happiness there. Pope is probably the most famous writer from the Age of Reason, and his works are the most widely studied form this time†¦show more content†¦Characters: The characters in this short poem are all intentionally made to be flat, as this would add to the satire of their elite society. They are almost too ridiculous and absurd to be believable, yet history proves tha t these people really existed. There is no clear protagonist, although Belinda is the main character. -Belinda is the incredibly superficial, typical Belle. She is young and beautiful, and adored for her looks by all who behold her. Fair Nymphs, and well-drest Youths around her shone, but evry eye was fixed on her alone.(II, 5-6) The most grave concern in her petty life is her performance in a silly card game and her social engagements. -The Baron was also a member of the elite society, and is portrayed as a fickle, foppish kind of man with too little to do. :He had implord Propitious Heavn, and evry Powr adord, but chiefly Love--to Love an altar built...(II, 35-37) in order to insure the success of his rape of Belindas lock. Immediately before this he had built a pyre sacrificing all the trophies of his former loves. This was done to show what a fickle and affected man he is. -The Machinery in the poem refers to all the nymphs, sylphs, gnomes, and other supernatural beings who aid of terrorize the characters. Sylphs are the most common. They are ageless and can assume either sex whenever they please. Their purpose is to protect the chastity of fair young Belles like Belinda. TheShow MoreRelatedAnne Finchs Opposition to The Rape of the Lock Essay examples1412 Words   |  6 PagesThe Rape of the Lock The Restoration Period (1660-1700) was a period of social, political and philosophical turmoil, which laid the foundation for future centuries. This period was marked by an advance in colonization and trade and by the birth of the Whig and Tory parties. In poetry, works of Alexander Pope and Anne Finch and a number of other poets distinguishes the Restoration. But, there are several objections from these poets; one particular opposition occurs between Pope’s The Rape of theRead MoreMy Last Duchess By Robert Browning And The Rape Of The Lock2224 Words   |  9 Pages â€Å"My Last Duchess† by Robert Browning and â€Å" The Rape of the lock† by Alexander Pope are two poems that convey a theme of love and objectification towards women.For instance, both poems are similar in their use imagery and metaphors to grasp their audience attention. For example, in â€Å"My last duchess† the author shows the wife in the poem as an item controlled by her husband and uses his love for her as an excuse to abuse his power. Her life is ruled by him and she would have to deal with his insaneRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s The Tempest1229 Words   |  5 Pagesadditionally, he morphs Caliban into a scapegoat for actions that enfold in the play. The first moment when Caliban acts as a scapegoat involves his supposed rape of Miranda. Prospero states that Caliban attempted to â€Å"to violate the honor of my child† (I.ii.348-349). The accusation relies solely on Prospero’s words, as Shakespeare never describes a rape that Caliban perpetuated. Theoretically, as Prospero is the only man on the island without a partner of his own, he could have raped Miranda and is usingRead MoreAlexander Pope Essay6204 Words   |  25 PagesThe Rape of the Lock Context Alexander Pope was born in London in 1688. As a Roman Catholic living during a time of Protestant consolidation in England, he was largely excluded from the university system and from political life, and suffered certain social and economic disadvantages because of his religion as well. He was self-taught to a great extent, and was an assiduous scholar from a very early age. He learned several languages on his own, and his early verses were often imitations of poetsRead MoreSummary Of Of Mice And Men 2276 Words   |  10 Pageswanted to touch it. After touching the dress the girl screamed and he latched on the dress. She accused Lennie for rape. With his thinking skills he is most likely to commit another mistake. It is really unlikely that George and Lennie will have everything run smooth because just like every time, Lennie will somehow ruin everything for both of them causing them to move. II. Literary Analysis: Setting Of Mice and Men takes place during the mid-1930s during the Great Depression. George and Lennie takeRead MoreHow I Read Literature Like A Professor Notes3177 Words   |  13 Pagesliterature† †¢ May also be connected to memories (childhood) †¢ There is only ONE story †¢ T.S. Eliot- new works are set around the monuments, adding to and altering the order †¢ Intertextuality- interaction between poems/stories/literary works †¢ Look for patterns, symbols and literary devices to make the connections between works Chapter 6- Shakespeare †¢ Every writer reinvents Shakespeare in some form †¢ BE ABLE TO IDENITFY INTERTEXTUALITY!!! †¢ Good writes make us question things we already know †¢ West SideRead MoreIs Lolita a Love Story or Pornography?3043 Words   |  13 Pageslight of my life, fire of my loins. This metaphor established the idea that H.H. is a romantic poet. As well as the phrase; My sin, my soul. Further using the literary device of metaphors, importantly this institutes him as the tragic hero from the beginning g onwards and not as a pervert. His language contains a lot of literary devices such as metaphors, imagery and alliterations, E.g. Tip of the tongue taking a tripÂ…, creating images in the readers mind. It allows the reader to view theRead MoreEssay on Jungian Psychology and Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness6193 Words   |  25 Pagespresents a literary metaphor of Jungian psychology. This paper explores the dark territory of Conrad’s Heart of Darkness as metaphor for the Jungian concepts of the personal and the collective unconscious, as a journey of individuation, a meeting with the anima, an encounter with the shadow, and a descent into the mythic underworld. Like Conrad’s Marlow, who is propelled toward his African destiny despite ample warning and foreboding, I have been drawn beyond the classic analysis of the HeartRead MoreBlack Naturalism and Toni Morrison: the Journey Away from Self-Love in the Bluest Eye8144 Words   |  33 PagesAlthough my students were unaware of it, in a sense what they were questioning from the standpoint of literary criticism is not only the theory of postmodernism with its emphasis on race, class and gender, but the theory of naturalism as well: the idea that one s social and physical environments can drastically affect one s nature and potential for surviving and succeeding in this world. In this article, I will ex plore Toni Morrison s The Bluest Eye from a naturalistic perspective; however, whileRead MoreRhetorical Devices3007 Words   |  13 Pagesand a number of rhetorical devices are worth considering in any analysis of style. For the analysis of literature a knowledge of rhetorical devices is indispensable, since there is often a considerable density of rhetorical figures and tropes which are important generators and qualifiers of meaning and effect. This is particularly the case in poetry. Especially the analysis of the use of imagery is important for any kind of literary text. (For further details see Analysing a Metaphor and Symbol)